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Rediculous Rap

This amateur video by Jon Lajoie entitled “Show Me Your Genitals” depicts how ridiculous popular rap lyrics actually are. Here he does not have the same big music industry packaging or persona as famous rappers. In fact, he is actually the opposite of an ideal or desirable male in that specific genre of music. Rather than expensive clothes and a flashy ride, Lajoie drives a beat up old car and is wearing an outfit that appears to be stolen off a tourist. The industry created “gangster fantasy life” idealized by fans of the music is non existent, and therefore lyrics are taken out of context. It is interesting to see how a whole image must be created and sold in order for music to be taken seriously. Although Lajoie is being humorous, the ideas behind the lyrics are in a sense identical to many legitimate rap videos, especially in regards to derogatory remarks towards women.


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