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Where Your Opinion Matters.

With the emergence of user-generated content sharing sites such as YouTube, average people have become opinion leaders in certain domains. This is due mostly to the ability to create our own videos and content for others to share. I really enjoy this particular amateur video as the young woman is sharing useful information for other likeminded individuals. Her goal is not to increase consumption of a particular brand, but inform and demonstrate proper techniques while applying make up. I found it very refreshing and useful as she appears to have some sort of experience in the make up industry, and is quite genuine. YouTube allows us to access information from a variety of sources. I feel comfortable receiving “tried and true” information from an individual resembling myself, rather than from a magazine who divulge make up tips that require that you purchase specific brands and/or products (sponsored by the magazine to no surprise). As her list of subscribers grows, so does her YouTube reputation. She has fans who take her information seriously and to heart. How could she not be considered a new generation ‘Opinion Leader’?


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