Detective Work

A closer look at popular culture and communication


This video was created to embarrass and possibly destroy a young sixteen year old girl. It was filmed with the intention of upload onto YouTube. Six girls allegedly kept the young teen in the house and as you can see, proceeded to attack her physically. The video doesn’t show the two gentlemen who were discovered to be keeping look out outside of the house. The video was intentional. The kidnapping was intentional. Clearly punching the teen in the face was also intentional. Why? Are teens so hungry for attention or to become “E-Famous” in a sea of user generated content? Is this what today’s teen wants to watch? In establishing what is popular culture, is it important to look at the content we the consumers are creating. We can watch what we choose, deem what is and what isn’t popular. Unfortunately for the eight teens arrested and potentially charged with kidnap and battery, their video did not receive thousands of views due to original content and excellent technical execution. They did however manage to get their face in the news internationally, in the form of a mug shot




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